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Ecademy Croydon Brilliant Event

Ecademy Croydon Networking Event

Thanks to Huw Williams fro organising a fantastic networking event at Croydon College.

The venue was brilliant and the food outstanding and Huw was a brilliant host.

Yet again I met more new people and enjoyed a grea…

Traditional vs New Media Marketing Mix

I take a different view on social media.

Speak to any retail brand owner and they will tell you that their stores lose sales to the internet.

Ask any retail brand owner why they sell online and they will tell you “that’s where the customers are”


A Day in the Life of an Ecademy Digital Coach

Digital Coach Project:Research, Design and Deliver a total online marketing strategy for my client, a major Hair Fashion Brand concerned with the marketing and distribution of Hairdressing products for the professional and the consumer. The brand will …