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How much information can I take in

I started up outlook and began working through my emails and replying to the essential stuff, and as always I got hooked on following links to my favorite writers and blogs etc. Nothing strange there you may think, but the problem is that if I am not really disciplined I could spend the whole day […]

Digital Coach

Digital Coach: A Digital Coach is a bit of a lifeline, pick the right one and he or she will be able to work with an individual to hook up their Smart Phone or a FTSE 100 corporation on Strategic Digital Marketing projects. Of course if you’re a Corporate or Major Brand then you will […]

Ecademy BlackStar Boardrooms are Weird !

Weird in a nice way, often an almost spiritual experience..

Farnham Boardroom
I have always received great benefit from attending BlackStar Boardrooms. Mainly because as a small business owner I do not have access to a permanent board of directors in …