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Is Social Media a Great Big Waste of Time?

Is Social Media a Great Big Waste of Time?



Well maybe!

It really depends what you do with it.

If you are into social media just for fun, you probably have a twitter or Facebook account or possibly both.
If you are doing Social Media jus…

Is Your Website Fit For Purpose

Is Your Website Fit For Purpose Most business websites were made using static technology, mainly brochure type websites containing information about products and services. The internet has moved on but many business websites have not, so organisations need to ask themselves the question, Is our website fit for purpose? In order to answer the question […]

The Online Marketing Academy

The Online Marketing Academy Mick Say founded the Online Marketing Academy in 2007. The Online Marketing Academy is a Business Development Agency specialising in online strategy for UK businesses. As the online and digital world continues to evolve many organisational websites and online marketing strategies need to be revisited, many need to be completely overhauled. […]

Small Business Website Design

Mick Say is the founder of Full Column Ltd, which incorporates two main businesses. The Small Business Website Design Company and the Online Marketing Academy. Small Business Website Design Company Most of the work we do today is for large organisations, however we still provide website development services for those micro and small businesses who […]

Your Own Personal Brand and Social Site

Your Own Personal Brand and Social WebSite This web 2.0 website is a social and personal brand site, its not really for business, its about you. (or me in this case) Developed around the WordPress content management system, this site can host multiple website pages and multiple blog categories, with an infinitely flexible navigational system […]

Computer Keyboards and Numb Fingers

Hi Everyone – I hope you are well…

I spend more time at the keyboard than the average bear and on occasion my fingers actually start to buzz..

I use a Microsoft ergonomic keyboard and although I love the layout, the keys feel really harsh – and I a…