A Day in the Life of an Ecademy Digital Coach

Digital Coach Project:

Research, Design and Deliver a total online marketing strategy for my client, a major Hair Fashion Brand concerned with the marketing and distribution of Hairdressing products for the professional and the consumer. The brand will be identified when the project is complete.

My client is actively involved with many high profile projects including the supply of hair related products to the XFactor live shows.

Project includes the development of two websites. A web 2.0 Website and Blog, a Transactional Website developed on the Magento platform and a “total immersion” Social Media Integration Plan. Both websites will be designed with a bespoke theme to look identical.

Project Management:
Following a detailed brief from the client I researched the project and the clients competition before chairing a meeting of all stakeholders in the Uber Cool Fashshot Studios in London’s Camden Town.