Is Social Media a Great Big Waste of Time?

Is Social Media a Great Big Waste of Time?



Well maybe!

It really depends what you do with it.

If you are into social media just for fun, you probably have a twitter or Facebook account or possibly both.
If you are doing Social Media just for fun that’ great.

However, practically everyone I know who is into social media is in it for business development and or personal brand building, therefore they generally have accounts with at least Ecademy, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube and Facebook. Many (like me) have accounts with over 100 social platforms.

Admittedly I only really participate in Ecademy, Twitter and a bit of YouTube.

But why do we do it? and is it a great big waste of our time? I know that there are stalwarts on both sides of the argument and those who know me well know that I do like and benefit from social media.