Digital Coach

Digital Coaching with Mick SayDigital Coach: A Digital Coach is a bit of a lifeline, pick the right one and he or she will be able to work with an individual to hook up their Smart Phone or a FTSE 100 corporation on Strategic Digital Marketing projects.

Of course if you’re a Corporate or Major Brand then you will be seeking out a Digital Coach who can represent himself confidently in the boardroom, and there’s not much point hiring a Digital Coach without any business experience as they will find it difficult to understand your strategic needs.

Mick Say is the founder and Lead Digital Coach at the Online Marketing Academy a business which evolved from an SME business development consultancy into a Online Business Development resource for businesses of all sizes.

Digital Business Development Coach

The term and profession “Digital Coach” is still very young so not many business owners or CEO’s are using the term to search the internet for this genre of professional. The internet has evolved and is becoming increasingly important and in a few short years it will be the No1 marketing method.

Organisations who are not writing Digital and Social Media Marketing into their business strategy already need the services of a Digital Coach.

Top Down Digital Coaching

New Digital Media and Social Media Marketing is now so important that the Chairman and the CEO should be the first people in the company to be trained by a Digital Coach. Only when the most senior executives in an organisation understand the internet and how it is evolving will they grasp the real and urgent need for them to understand Digital and Social Media.

Mick Say can provide individual,private Digital Coaching for individual senior board members or collective training for the entire executive team.

Please contact Mick Say via the contact page or directly on 07719 061 835.